Buzz Air Flight Academy

Buzz Air Reviews

"​​I tell people all the time the best flight instruction I ever got was from you."
                       -James Bailey

"Thank you very much for helping out a fellow aviator in need!  Guys like you are what make general aviation a great community!"
                       -Ty Kerstiens

Dear All, Last week I spent two days with Buzzy and had the time of my life. This was certainly the very best 2 days of training I have ever had. After the first day in the 601 while we sat chatting about the day he told me to arrive at 6AM the next day. I knew something good was about to happen and boy was I right. We flew the 750 STOL for hours including through convective fog down a river bed in the early morning cool, still air, then a cruise over to an adjacent airport and then back to base for concentrated landing maneuvers. With winds light and variable we were able to land and takeoff from both ends of the runway while learning how to handle the 750 during the critical landing phase. Buzzy was a fantastic instructor and is a great pilot. The 750 definitely offers challenges in the landing phase since the emphasis was on landing on the mains and keeping the nose wheel off the ground as much as possible. I lost count of all the landings we did. Another emphasis was to fly the plane with as little flaperon input as possible. You can nearly fly the 750 without the flaperons which by the way are extremely sensitive. For what it’s worth he exclusively uses the 0-200 in his Zenith planes. I had the added opportunity to meet Freddy Heintz who had soloed the day before at just 17 years old. He is on his way to becoming an excellent pilot and radio communicator! I heartily recommend if you are building any Zenith model that you visit Buzzair for the piloting challenge that Zenith aircraft are chacteristic for....not your everyday Cessna for sure but so much fun and so maneuverable. Add Buzzy to that equation and you will have a most memorable experience. Even if your insurance company does not demand this requirement do yourself a favor and take advantage of the tremendous training and flying opportunity.
-John Minatelli
"Had a good trip home, the sun came out at Louisville but then the smog and pollution started going into Detroit.  I was down to 5 miles visibility.  Thanks again, appreciate getting my flying done in the borderline weather.  Learned lots in a short time.  Have a good day."
                                                    -Stan Sheldrake

"By the way I've got 12 hours on my plane now, and it flys just like yours! I really appreciate the work.  It felt really good to take it on the first flight!"

"After completing your training last Thursday I returned to Idaho Sunday evening. Due to weather I had to wait to Tuesday (today) to make my first flight in my Cruzer. Eight take-off and successful landings so far! Thanks for the training. Without it I am certain that my flying experiences would not have had happy endings!"
                                                      -Ralph Powell
"​​Thank you for the transition training on the 750.  You did a great job teaching me how to fly the 750.  I really appreciate your effort and also thank you for the video that you sent me.  If you ever order 2XL jackets again let me know.  I very well may be interested.  Thank you again for everything."
                                                              -Joe Hanz

"I really appreciated the lessons I got from Buzz.  Tell him the Zodiac is flying!"
                                                       -Dan Dempsey

"Great Flight Instruction! Fun and Efficient"
                                 -Paul Sanders